Buying artwork can be difficult if you are not familiar with the process. Knowing what styles you like or knowing a particular piece from a certain time period will have you on your way to making that fantastic purchase. The best way to buy and experience artwork is to physically see it, this requires visiting art galleries.

When you buy artwork in a gallery this gives you the chance to experience the painting while getting up close and personal to it allowing you to decide if it really appeals to you and if you are willing to make the hefty purchase. Buying artwork online does not give you the same intimate experience of viewing the painting in person which may leave an individual disappointed upon its arrival.

When you visit art galleries, artists are often available to discuss their artwork and make it a personable buying experience. When you buy artwork online you only have the option to click the purchase button and then the art is headed your way for you to decide if you really like it. Purchasing online does not give the buyer the chance to see the exact colors or texture of the piece and often that can lead to disappointment.

Buying art in a gallery also reduces the chance of paying for shipping costs, but when you choose to buy online you will be required to pay for shipping and depending on the size and weight of the art piece, you could spend more in shipping than the cost of the painting.

Usually when people buy art online they are spending signicantly less because no one wants to spend a large quantity of money on something they havent seen with their own eyes. Buying art in a gallery allows the artist to charge what they want because they know people will physically get to see their work and thier chances are higher that someone will see it, fall in love with it, and purchase it.

Supporting art galleries and artists is huge in the community, if everyone starts buying art online this will greatly affect the impact of artists who solely rely on gallery business. Most artists love to connect with the community they are from because it builds long lasting relationship with their clients. Purchasing art online will only get you the piece of art you ordered without any other connection to the artist.